Nathaniel watching sunrise at kamanbaneng peak
Nathaniel watching sunrise at kamanbaneng peak

Breathtaking Journey: Ascending Kamanbaneng Peak & Kaman-Utek Hills


Kamanbaneng Peak, also known as Marlboro Hills, offers one of the finest options for witnessing the sunrise in Sagada. Its neighboring attraction, Kaman-Utek hills, or blue soil, captivates tourists with the unique color of its soil. Experience the breathtaking views and vibrant landscapes of these renowned sites, perfect for avid travelers seeking memorable adventures.

Sunrise Expedition at Kamanbaneng Peak (Marlboro Hills)

Our group woke up early, packed our belongings, and gathered in the hostel’s lobby to meet our guide. We strolled down the road and decided to take a jeep to the jump-off trail. The trail itself was an easy walk, with a slightly muddy path lined with pine trees and small bushes. We followed the dirt pathway until we reached the open area at the summit.

Sunrise at Kamanbaneng Peak
Sunrise at Kamanbaneng Peak

While waiting for the sunrise, we grabbed some food and drinks from a small store at the summit. The morning wind was chilly, so we made sure to bundle up in jackets. As the sun began to rise, we were treated to breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. The scenery unfolded beautifully as the sun made its ascent.

The area wasn’t crowded, allowing us to find plenty of spots for Instagram-worthy photos without too many photo bombers at Kamanbaneng Peak. I managed to fly my drone, but I had to be extra cautious due to the strong wind. Despite the challenges, the views from the top were truly awe-inspiring, showcasing the incredible handiwork of nature, from the majestic mountain ranges to the sea of clouds below.

Exploring Kaman-Utek Hills (Blue Soil)

After exploring Kamanbaneng Peak and capturing plenty of souvenir pictures, it was time to move on to our next adventure – exploring Kaman-Utek Hills.

We made a stop in an area with numerous sharp rock formations after passing through the wild berry tree areas. The downward trail was relatively easy, with plenty of pine trees lining the path and fallen trees serving as makeshift bridges. We took our time to relax and breathe in the fresh air.

The bluish hue of the soil in Kaman-Utek Hills is caused by the high copper sulfate content. This unique color becomes even more vibrant when the soil is moistened. Researchers suggest that the soil is safe for tourists to explore.

Visitors heading to Kaman-Utek Hills
Visitors heading to Kaman-Utek Hills

Our trip was filled with fun, excitement, and a bit of fatigue from all the walking. However, the experience of witnessing these natural wonders was incredibly rewarding and priceless to me.

Nathaniel at Kaman-Utek Hills
Nathaniel at Kaman-Utek Hills
Visitors at Kaman-Utek Hills
Visitors at Kaman-Utek Hills

For additional details about Sagada, you can explore the Sagada Tourism Facebook Page. Dive deeper into this fascinating locale and stay informed about the latest happenings and attractions.

Nathaniel, Alejandro, Hanah and Alex
Nathaniel, Alejandro, Hanah and Alex


Our adventure ascending Kamanbaneng Peak and exploring the Kaman-Utek Hills has been truly breathtaking. As we take in the breathtaking views and amazing experiences, we are reminded of the beauty of nature. This experience will stay with us, inspiring future expeditions and treasured memories of the great outdoors.

Hello Explorers! Explored Kamanbaneng Peak and Kaman-Utek Hills? Leave a quick comment with your highlights or recommendations. Let’s create a snapshot of Sagada adventures together!

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  1. This Sagada trip is real fun because your troop is with you. Photos here are definitely breath-taking, the views are to-die for. The bluish color of the soil of the Kaman-Utek hills was majestic looks like the color formation was from a snow but from the chemicals. Looking forward to more of your adventures.

  2. Shiela says:

    I want to go to Sagada, and this is the first destination I will go to after this pandemic. Lots of videos and travel guides make me super excited.

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