Joanna at Campuhan Ridge Walk in Bali
Joanna at Campuhan Ridge Walk in Bali

Bali Getaway Serenity: Tranquil Love Haven

Bali Airport
Bali Airport

Bali Getaway Journey: Embarking on Adventure

Embark on a Bali getaway journey through tranquil landscapes and romantic hideaways. Join us as we delve into our first-time experience as a couple exploring the enchanting island of Bali. From the ancient beauty of Saraswati Temple to the breathtaking view of Campuhan Ridge Walk, and the cultural richness of Ubud Palace and Ubud Market, every moment was filled with wonder and romance.

As we navigate through the lush landscapes and vibrant culture of Bali, we invite you to embark on this journey with us. Get ready to immerse yourself in the serenity of Bali, where love blossoms amidst the tranquil beauty of this tropical paradise.

Travelling to Bali

One of the Travel goals that we fulfill was the trip to an Asian country which is Bali, Indonesia. I thought to myself this is only my bucket list, and it is only my dream to go to this romantic place. The reason why we choose Bali is to learn more from their culture and of course to do some of our favorite outdoor activities like hiking and trekking.

A woman next to a signboard inside Bali Airport
Joanna at Bali Airport


A couple seated inside Bali Airport
Nathaniel and Joanna at Bali Airport

This is the most memorable tour that we been on as Husband and wife. We depart in the Philippine time @ 3:30 in the morning with Cebu Pacific Airlines with a total flight duration of 3 hrs. , 46 minutes exactly from Manila to Bali. When we arrived at the Ngurah Rai International Airport known as Denpasar Airport, the second busiest airport in Indonesia. We are so amazed to see the statue of Garuda Wisnu which is located on the arrival part of the airport.

A woman in a black shirt in front of the gate at Bali Airport
Joanna in front of the gate of Bali airport

First, we go to the area where we can buy a local Sim card with an internet connection it’s convenient to use it. New SIM cards only cost you IDR. 10.000-20.000 ($1-2) for the card itself. The Data Plan price you can get from IDR 50.000-70.000 Depending on the Data plan quota.

After this we go to the Taxi area, the transportation from Denpasar to Ubud takes approximately 1 hour, but upwards of 2 hours if the traffic is bad. Which, more than likely it will be. The price may be around 300000 IDR.

Accommodation in our Bali Getaway

A woman relaxing on the bed at D'Ubud House in Ubud Bali
Joanna at D’Ubud House

Ubud is located in the uplands of Bali in this place you will find engaging museums and dainty temples all over the area. There is a variety of choice when it’s come in of accommodations in Ubud, Bali for your perfect vacation but us it seems that we choose a homestay / simple room that near in the market, money exchange, massage, and spa area and to buy the cheapest food and souvenir as well. The name of the hotel is D’Ubud House, I think we paid 900000 IDR for four days.

Discovering the Serene Ambiance of Saraswati Temple

From our accommodation in Ubud, there are lots of near temples that we have seen and Saraswati Temple is located right at the center of Ubud the capital of Bali art and culture. There is a small gang that leads to a beautiful lotus pond between a Starbucks coffee shop and a local cafe. This beautiful temple is dedicated to Goddess Saraswati, the Goddess of knowledge, music, art, wisdom, and learning.

A woman in a black shirt at Saraswati Temple
Joanna at Saraswati Temple

Saraswati Temple Ubud Entry Fee & Dress Code, Bali The front part of the Pura Taman Saraswati is home to a magnificent lotus-filled pond. The water that fills this pond is obtained from an irrigation scheme that provides water for the verdant rice paddies located in the upper region of the town.

Breathtaking Views along Campuhan Ridge Walk

A woman in a black shirt heading to Campuhan Ridge Walk
Joanna heading to Campuhan Ridge Walk

My husband and I, decide to went to a nature Trek in the most popular area in Bali, which is one of our favorite spots the Campuhan Ridge Walk. I think it’s 2 km walk away from Ubud, there are no opening hours to the Campuhan Ridge Walk. As there are no gates you are welcome to enter whenever you like! However, it is not advised to visit this path when it is dark as the path is not lid and quite uneven.

Since this is free for visitors, it is advisable to bring water as you might get thirsty hiking up and down the hills. The best time that you can go here is early in the morning. We recommend to go and see the beautiful place of Campuhan early in the morning to avoid the midday heat. And if you are a nature lover this is the best time to go to this area, you can do some activities such as drone shots and pictorials. The Campuhan Ridge Walk is also beautiful around sunset, but it will often be busy around these times as it is one of Ubud’s most famous spots to watch the sunset.

A woman at Campuhan Ridge Walk
Joanna at Campuhan Ridge Walk

It is also possible to join your friends on this exciting trek. Traveling with friends can be one of the most rewarding and memorable experiences of your life. Friends can make your life on the road easier, funnier, and they are always there to remind you of anything that was overlooked.

Aerial view of Campuhan Ridge Walk
Aerial view of Campuhan Ridge Walk
Joanna at Campuhan Ridge Walk
Joanna at Campuhan Ridge Walk

How to get there?

Experiencing the Majestic Charm of Ubud Palace

A woman in a black shirt carrying a camera at Ubud Palace
Joanna at Ubud Palace

It is a great experience for couples/travelers to see the beauty of these areas. And one of the most attractions that we’ve been thru is the Ubud Palace in Bali because it is also open to the public visit which you can see the beautiful Balinese with traditional houses with a historical palace.

Immersing in the Vibrant Atmosphere of Ubud Market

One more tip that we can recommend as travelers is the accommodation or hotel near the market so you go easiest, convenient, and cheaper to buy the items that you want.

Woman exploring Ubud Market
Joanna exploring Ubud Market

As we go thru along, It is better to know that there a lot of places that you can bring also a traditional souvenir from Bali to share extraordinary experiences with friends and relatives back home.

A tourist woman inspecting bags at Ubud Market
Joanna at Ubud Market

You can see all the crafts that Balinese made such as Rattan bags, the most popular items that we brought in the market they come in various shapes and sizes or even colors, but they always give off such a distinct look. Keeping up with this gorgeous trend can be super compelling, and thankfully you are in Bali because on this island you can find every single Rattan bag that’s been made under the sun.

Unforgettable Moments of Love and Serenity in Bali’s Captivating Scenery

Our Bali getaway has been nothing short of magical, filled with unforgettable moments of love and serenity amidst the island’s captivating scenery. From exploring tranquil temples and breathtaking landscapes to immersing ourselves in the vibrant culture of Ubud, our adventure has been a true testament to the beauty and romance of Bali. As we bid farewell to this enchanting island, we carry with us memories that will last a lifetime, cherishing the moments of love and serenity we shared in Bali’s tranquil haven.

Embark on your own Bali getaway adventure and experience the magic of this tropical paradise with your loved one. Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or romance, Bali has something for everyone. So pack your bags, and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime in Bali’s tranquil love haven!

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  1. This trip looks amazing! I can tell you had a great time and the Ubud Palace looks gorgeous!

  2. blair villanueva says:

    Good for both of you to travel together as a new couple before another blessing comes in. Better to enjoy each other’s company together, and build many memories.

  3. Hazel says:

    Aww so happy you had a wonderful trip together! Bali is on my bucket list! ?

  4. I have travelled extensively throughout the island and I can second you that Bali is freaking gorgeous!

  5. Hollie says:

    Awe it looks like an incredible time. I remember my spouse and I’s first trip after marriage and it was truthfully one of my favorite trips of our marriage. I can’t wait to travel more again.

  6. It looks wonderful trip of you, Have nice time, travel together and enjoy the life.

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    Looks like an amazing place to visit. I think I would enjoy the hike because it looked so beautiful.

  8. Someday my partner and I will also travel to our dream placed together!

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    There’s so much to see in Bali. Too bad the traffic is so bad. Good write up. Thanks.

  10. I heard of Bali Indonesia, as one of my college friends went there. She said that local people were looking the same as Filipinos. So after this pandemic, this is one of my bucket lists.

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